Mind flex: Holiday tunes trivia

Whether you find yourself and your loved ones singing around the Tannenbaum or gathered around the menorah, put your holiday song smarts to the test with this fill-in-the-blank trivia. And while you’re at it, add these songs to your holiday playlist to continue to spread holiday cheer.

1. Deck the halls with ________ of holly! 
2. All the stockings you will find, hanging in a ________. 
3. I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, underneath the ________ last night. 
4. Chanukah is a great holiday, surrounded with lovely ________. 
5. Sleigh bells ________, are you ________? 
6. Oh, the ________ outside is frightful, but the ________ is so delightful. 
7. Said the night ________ to the little ________. 
8. I have a little ________; I made it out of ________; and when it’s dry and ________, then ________ I shall play! 
9. Hark, how the ________, sweet silver ________. 
10. All I want for Christmas is my two ________ ________. 
11. Mistletoe hung where you can see, every ________ tries to ________. 
12. We’ll sing about a ________ so small; for ________ days we lit its oil.

Answers: 1-boughs, 2-row, 3-mistletoe, 4-light, 5-ring, listening, 6-weather, fire, 7-wind, lamb, 8-dreidel, clay, ready, dreidel, 9-bells, bells, 10-front teeth, 11-couple, stop, 12-jug, eight

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